Short tip: Upgrading GRUB2 on CRUX Linux fails: ./grub-mkfont: No such file or directory

When updating the GRUB2 package on a clean install of CRUX Linux I recently stumbled upon the following error:

# prt-get update grub2
Pkgfile: line 28: ./grub-mkfont: No such file or directory"

The solution for this issue was simple – the freetype package was missing. This package is needed for generating GRUB fonts. Installing that package did the trick for me:

# prt-get install freetype
# prt-get update grub2
=======> Building '/usr/ports/opt/grub2/grub2#2.00-4.pkg.tar.gz' succeeded.
prt-get: updating grub2 from 2.00-3 to 2.00-4
pkgadd: rejecting etc/grub.d/, keeping existing version
pkgadd: rejecting etc/bash_completion.d/, keeping existing version

-- Packages updated

-- updated packages with README files:

Thanks for the support, jaeger (from the CRUX Linux core team)! 🙂

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